Allah, 1, Jahweh, 0.

Allah, 1, Jahweh, 0.

“It is becoming clear that last week’s violent sandstorm was a very serious blow to the invaders. The Iraqis were able to reinforce their defenses around Najaf and assault launch some damaging attacks. US high tech equipment has been seriously degraded by the sand.”

Indeed, the Viet Cong had no high tech gear, and they, uh, beat the U.S. A speaker from BAYAN I heard last night mentioned how guerillas in the Phillipines shoot at coconuts high in trees to flush out enemy who might be hiding beneath. Heavy coconut fall down. Enemy run away from tree and into open. Decidedly low tech. And deadly effective.

Our soldiers in Iraq carry a humungous amount of high tech gear, plus protective gear for poison gas. I’ll bet that’s fun to wear in a sandstorm when it’s 90 and you’re the middle of a fire fight and must move fast. Not to mention what sand does to high tech gear and equipment.

The Iraqi irregulars with their AK’s need no such high tech gear, guerillas never do.

Will we ever learn?