If it’s battle-proof, can it…

If it’s battle-proof, can it also be kid-proof?

From Boing Boing 

MilSpec laptop is dishwasher safe. Paul Boutin reviews the GoBook MAX, a milspec, shockproof, waterproof, heatproof laptop for Slate. It’s exciting hardware, but the war references in the review seem exploitative to me.

But the company’s roughneck and military clientele belies its much larger potential market: professional parents. Finally, a laptop worthy of the term “toddler-proof.” No disastrous crashes to the kitchen floor. No months of data lost to an incident with the sippy cup. Hazardous materials? Toss it in the dishwasher. Need to get out of the house? The handle flips back to mount the MAX open across the wheel of an SUV for mobile use. There’s even an add-on DVD drive for movies.

With the amount of money office workers spend on their cars alone, a couple thousand dollars more for a droppable, dishwasher-safe laptop is a no-brainer bargain in total cost of ownership. Link