Lunacy prevails

Lunacy prevails

NYC officials fear terrorist takeover of TV outlets” so NYC will be spending five million dollars a week defending TV stations.

Sounds scary huh? However “The step was not prompted by a specific threat or intelligence, police said.” 
So NYC will be cheerfully scaring the Hell out of everyone based a nonexistent threat. Truly, some sharp planning and a shrewd use of valuable resources.

But it gets worse. In DC, where security should be the tightest, one angry farmer on his tractor has brought DC to its knees.

On Monday, Dwight Watson drove his tractor, which he said is filled with explosives, into a pool near the Washington Monument. He says God told him to do it. And he’s not leaving.

Roads are closed for blocks around. Traffic is snarled. And all this blather about Homeland Security, and they couldn’t stop one farmer on a tractor.

This whole security mania is becoming comic, in a darkly bleak way.