Profiles in timidity

Profiles in timidity

Remind me again why so many of the Democrats running for President call themselves Democrats, considering they are indistinguishable from Republicans? And seemingly unable to criticize Bush for anything? 

From Political Wire

“Sen. Joe Lieberman expressed his “full support” for Bush’s “decision to use military force to disarm Iraq”

Sen. John Kerry said “he would hold his fire against Mr. Bush’s foreign policy once shooting begins in Iraq”

Rep. Dick Gephardt said “there will be plenty of time later” to look at the Bush administration’s diplomatic record but that “now is the time to unite the country”

Sen. John Edwards called on Saddam Hussein “to choose peace by leaving Iraq and offered his prayers to ‘our troops, their families and our commander in chief'”

However, there is one notable exception!

“Howard Dean (D) said “war with Iraq will not silence his outspoken criticism of the presidential policies that led to it