The upcoming demonstrations.

The upcoming demonstrations.

Today I’ll be at the Women’s Strike for Peace protest in Westwood CA at the Federal Building. Sunday will see another protest, this one in Boyle Heights, a Latino area, organized by the new Latino Coalition against the War.

The big one is next Saturday, March 15. and will be in downtown L.A. It should be massive, especially considering by then Bush will have lost the U.N. vote and, hey, we may be at war by then.

The last big rally here in L.A. was Feb. 15 in Hollywood. We were hoping for 40,000 and 100,000 came. The march itself though was too quiet. I’ve been at two of the S.F. protests, and they are noisy, lots of drums, noisemakers, chants, and cheers that start a mile down the street and roll up to you.

We plan to do the same on March 15 in L.A. Special teams of artisans are creating hundreds of drums and noisemakers! Squads of people with bullhorns will be placed among the marchers! There will be several portable systems cranking out hundreds of watts.  We are going to make some serious noise!

And we will be part of protests happening all over the planet that day.