They got the guns but…

They got the guns but we got the numbers

ANSWER is one of main antiwar coalitions in the country. I’ve been volunteering with ANSWER LA since October. They have organizing meetings every Tuesday night that are open to all and democratically run.

The meeting last Tuesday was noticeably different from previous meetings. First off, the room was packed, lots of new faces, along with the veteranos (and by “veteranos” I mean people who have been organizing nonstop for decades). Second, the mood was markedly more militant than before. People are getting seriously pissed off. They don’t want this war. Period.

This mood is reflected by the Right. They too are getting increasingly militant – about wanting to go to war.

Collision course? Could be. Both here and abroad. France, Russia, and Germany appear unalterably opposed to a U. N. vote for war. France and Russia, as permanent members of the Security Council, can veto and stop any measure.

There’s an interesting contrast here. France has a rightwing government, Germany has a leftwing/Green government. Both are utterly opposed to the war. So this has nothing to do with traditional politics.

The euro is increasing in power, while the dollar is declining. Iraq is currently (or about to) sell oil denominated in euros, not dollars. Iran plans to do the same. Venezuela, I believe, already is. All of which may help explain why a bellicose United States wants to go to war now.

“The only route is for US (unless they sell dollars to buy euros and prompt further decline in the dollar), to use it’s second major tool for dominating world affairs and economy — Military force.”

Also, much of our whopping debt (bonds, t-bills, etc.) currently is being bought by non-Americans. If they switch to buying something denominated in Euros instead, well, our economy will probably collapse. (If anyone has further info on the Euro and war, let me know.)

Yesterday students at hundreds of colleges and high schools walked out of classes in protest of the coming war, this highly successful action was called by Not In Our Name, who have always made outreach to students a major goal.

Here in L.A. there were many such walkouts, and we have two protests this weekend and a massive one next weekend. Events that are being echoed worldwide. The coming March 15 mobilization will, like Feb 15, be worldwide.

People get ready. The storm is coming.