Percussive Democracy

Percussive Democracy

Via ProRev

“To test the theory that a good way to bring democracy to a country is to bomb it to smithereens, Vietnam Veterans Against the War offer this list of countries compiled by William Blum where we used tried percussive education.

In no case did a democratic government, respectful of human rights, occur as a direct result

China 1945-46
Korea 1950-53
China 1950-53
Guatemala 1954
Indonesia 1958
Cuba 1959-60
Guatemala 1960
Congo 1964
Peru 1965
Laos 1964-73
Vietnam 1961-73
Cambodia 1969-70
Guatemala 1967-69
Grenada 1983
Libya 1986
El Salvador 1980s
Nicaragua 1980s
Panama 1989
Iraq 1991-99
Sudan 1998
Afghanistan 1998
Yugoslavia 1999″

Coming soon…
Iraq 2003
Iran 2003?
Syria 2003?
North Korea 2003?

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