A truckdriving poet

A truckdriving poet

Daniel Pino, a Sacramento poet and truck driver, has a website of thoughful writings about peace, unions, and what what’s happening in this country.

His writings include:

The collapse of Consolidated Freightways

“The full liquidation of Consolidated Freightways is nearly complete. It was absolutely brilliant. And on this Labor Day The International Brotherhood of Teamsters got caught sleeping on this one. Corporate America just walked over the grave of 15,500 unionized jobs, and the American media barely gave it a nod.”

Lower middle class working people

“Of all the hundreds of teamsters I know and have worked closely with, which is almost exclusively lowermiddle income unionized labor, I’m not sure any of them have an ounce of trust with respect to the political leaderships in America today. Some vote, many don’t even bother with it. Within their grammar the every day use of the word ‘politician’ has taken on a negative connotation of extremes.”