L. A City Council opposes…

L. A City Council opposes unilateral war In Iraq!!!

“Elected leaders of the nation’s second-largest city on Friday approved a resolution opposing a unilateral war against Iraq and urging the Bush administration to exhaust all diplomatic options before committing military forces.

The City Council voted 9-4 for the resolution after backers gave impassioned speeches that were cheered by hundreds of peace activists who packed the council chamber. Mayor James Hahn signed the resolution, making it the city’s official position on Iraq.

“I hope people understand we’re not a bunch of crazy politicians trying to dictate federal policy,” said Councilman Ed Reyes, who voted for the resolution. “We are echoing the sentiments of people who are hurting. Where do we begin to matter in the priority of our federal dollars?”

Indeed, while our country plans to go to war and spend hundreds of billions of dollars, major public hospitals in L.A. are closing due to lack of funding.

There are now 107 cities that have passed such resolutions, including Chiago and Los Angeles. Cities for Peace has the details.