Googie fans!

Some of the best Googie coffee shops and restaurants were designed by Armet & Davis of L.A. They did hundreds of them for numerous chains, as well as such gems as the fabled Wich Stand.

Now, limited editions reproductions of the original art for these restaurants will be available! The standard size will 11″ x 17″. Some will be signed.

Check GoogieArt.com for more. The site is being built now, and many reproductions are already online. Check it out! The site goes live by March 1.

(The site is by a friend, Don Allred, and it grew out of a hobby. He began posting photos and info on L.A. architecture on his massive LAOkay.com website, a site which features detailed info on thousands of Southern California attractions and points of interest. One thing led to another, and GoogieArt.com is the happy result. He also has a whoppingly large genealogy site, AllredRoster.com, with over 12,000 surnames and 148,000 entries.)