The Lysistrata Project

The Lysistrata Project

A modern day Lysistrata at Peace on the Beach (photo by Kevin McKeown)

Subtitle: That which men fear the most or Fighting below the belt.

From The Lysistrata Project

“Lysistrata tells the story of women from opposing states who unite to end a war by refusing to sleep with their husbands until the men agree to lay down their swords. Powerless in their society and distraught over too many of their children being slaughtered in battle, the women take the only tactic available to them: they withhold sex.

On March 3, 2003, the Lysistrata Project will present worldwide readings of Aristophanes’ ancient Greek anti-war comedy Lysistrata. To date, 389 play readings are scheduled in 32 countries to voice opposition to the war in Iraq; those numbers increase hourly. Readings will raise money for charities working for peace and humanitarian aid in the Middle East.”