L.A. peace rally

L.A. peace rally

On Jan 11 we here in L.A. drew 20,000-30,000 people to one of the biggest demonstrations in recent L.A. history. Today, five weeks later, we got over 100,000. This was beyond what anyone was even daring hope for. The crowd was happy, peaceful and looking at them was like looking at America. “This is what Democracy looks like”, indeed! 

And this happened all over the world today; massive rallies in hundreds of cities.

For those familiar with L.A., the rally was on Sunset at La Brea. The crowd stretched half a mile back to Highland.

These worldwide peace rallies are making front page news across the planet. Today was unquestionably the biggest mass demonstrations ever. Bigger than Vietnam. The crowd in London, 1.5 million, was bigger than the crowd when WW II was announced being over.

We did great. Let’s keep going. There will be a mass mobilization in schools and colleges on March 5 and the International Women’s Strike on March 8. The student mobilization is sounding like Vietnam days, they plan to shut the colleges and high schools down. 

King George the Mad and his minions do not know what “back down” or “change course” means, and that’s not a compliment. They may well have their war. And maybe the entire country, not just the colleges, will shut down in protest when they do. We have the numbers.

y photos from the LA rally follow.