[1]The duct tape buying binge.

Hey kids, Duct tape hats are swell protection against terrorists!The duct tape buying binge.

The country, especially the east coast, has gone on a duct tape buying binge. Apparently our fine government said duct tape could serve as protection against terrorism.

“Hey Fred, is that a plane coming directly towards us in our high rise office”.

“Fear not! I shall duct tape the windows and save us all”.

But AHA, could there be a financial conspiracy here? Check out this – Duct tape makers swing into high gear.

However Experts skeptical about `duct tape’ strategy for homeland defense, so perhaps not..   Actually, until now I’d not known there were experts in the nonapplicability of duct tape against terrorism.

Here’s what I advise, get yourself a stylin’ duct tape hat instead.

This just in!

Plastic tent offers bioterror protection in US living rooms

Worried American families are being offered a clear-plastic tent as a new addition to their living rooms to fend off biological or chemical attack.

Co-inventor Manny Pereza said a family could huddle in the pressurized, filter-protected room-sized bubble and, using a remote control, still watch television during an attack.”

“Hey honey, I just heard the terrorists announcing on CNN they will be gassing our city in fifteen minutes.  I guess we better scamper inside our protective tent right now!”