Russia & NATO will not…

Russia & NATO will not back an Iraq war.

DailyKos reports

“After meetings today between Russia and Germany, it is clear that Bush has lost the support of Vladimir Putin for a military solution in Iraq. Worse yet, it turns out that the new French-German initiative has the support of the Vatican.

Today, Reuters reports that meetings between Germany and Russia today yielded a common position:

‘Putin said Moscow saw no reason now for the use of force.’

In essence, Bush will now face opposition from France, Germany, Russia, China, and the Pope.”

Plus, Belgium & France will block a US attempt to mobilize NATO troops.

This is huge news. The Bushies are becoming isolated. The world is not with them and is tiring on their bullying and whining.

This weekend there will be anti-war demonstrations in over 300 cities across the globe, with several million people marching for peace. Thus, this will be the biggest mass protest ever, far bigger than anything in the Vietnam era. The NYC rally in particular may be the biggest anti-war demo in history (with or without a march permit).

There’s no doubt something being planned in your area. Get involved. The more people on the streets, the stronger the message. We are having an effect. Now’s the time to re-double our efforts.

United for Peace has lots of information

And oh yes, don’t forget to Vote to Impeach, bought to you by a former Attorney General of the United States.