Dont mourn, organize

Dont mourn, organize

Iraq’s time running out, US says

This shouldn’t have been unexpected – that Hans Blix would play hard cop, whacking Iraq, thus giving the U.N. a fig leaf reason to vote for war. Too many peace activists, I think, have been relying on the U.N. to stop the war from happening. Don’t bet on it. The UN may crumple under pressure from the US and vote for war. It’s best not to rely on the UN.  Or on “let the inspections work”, because the inspections are a rigged game at best.

Speaking of hard cop, look at Colin Powell, he’s been playing hard cop for some number of days now. Tell me, is Colin Powell really the moderate we have believed him to be? Or maybe he’s as much of a right wing ideologue as the rest of the Bushies, but hides it better.

5,000 Iraq children die each month because of the sanctions, and it’s been this way for a decade now. Hundreds of thousands will die in the coming war. For what?

Nothing materially has changed in Iraq in ten years. No new threats. No old threats, for that matter. So why the mad rush to war? Is there some clock ticking we don’t know about?

What it’s really about is empire, oil, and imperialism. The belief that the USA must be supremely dominant everywhere is the motivating force of the Axis of Weasels in DC. It’s madness, of course. It can’t and won’t succeed. I mean, they’ve said they expect us to be at war for twenty years or so, y’know, first Iraq, then North Korea, then Iran, then .. whoever.. Is this the kind of world you want to live it?  I didn’t think so.

It’s time to mobilize and organize as never before. This Feb. 15 will be a worldwide “The World says No to War” day, with action and protests across the globe, in dozens of countries.

Imagine three million people in DC sitting down in the streets…