Arrogance or delusion?

Arrogance or delusion?

“U.S. to demand Allies agree Iraq is defying U.N.”

What an bizarre statement! First, one generally does not demand things of allies, it’s considered tacky. Y’know, because they’re friends and all? Second, since no weapons have yet been found, just how can Iraq be “defying” King George The Mad, er, the U.N.?

“WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 — Bush administration officials said today that next week they would confront France, Germany and other skeptics of military action against Iraq by demanding that they agree publicly that Iraq had defied the United Nations Security Council. <Gasp, the temerity of these impudent nations, how dare they have their own ideas>

The officials, expressing exasperation with the refusal of longtime allies to back the United States <BAD France, BAD Germany. Go stand in the corner until you are good!>, said they were vigorously debating whether to seek a second United Nations resolution authorizing force against Iraq <As if the decision to invade hasn’t already been made…>. At the least, they said, they will insist that the nations opposed to the American position acknowledge that Iraq has not complied with resolutions on its weapons of mass destruction.”

I’m confused, is this the terrible majesty of the power of the U.S,.demanding the world do its will or an infant banging his rattle on the high chair in rage? Hmmm.