War is near

War is near

Bush continues to foam at the mouth about how Iraq is not disarming, even though no proof exists that Iraq has such arms. I believe this tactic is also known as The Big Lie.

Tony Blair is sending 26,000 more troops to the Gulf, which means they will have more than 25% of their total troops there. This amidst growing opposition from his own party. Blair appears quite insane as he now refuses to rule out using nuclear weapons in a conflict against Iraq.

However, Russia Joins France in Opposing Iraq Strike

“Permanent U.N. Security Council member Russia has joined fellow member France in opposing any U.N. resolution authorizing military action against Iraq at this time.”

This just in. KPFK just reported that Germany says a yes vote on war is “no longer possible”.

Another ambush in Kuwait. Americans shot near Kuwait City

“One American was shot dead today and another was injured on a road leading to Camp Doha, a warehouse complex north of Kuwait City which has been a major US mlitary base since the Gulf war.”

My view: They will have their war, with or without UN backing. And when it starts,  there will be huge spontaneous demonstrations across this country. Several hundred thousand protested on Saturday. Imagine what the numbers will be once the invasion begins.