The protests were worldwide

The protests were worldwide

A day of worldwide protests against a looming US-led war on Iraq has culminated in giant peace rallies in Washington, San Francisco and other US cities

In Moscow, Cold War-era music accompanied a demonstration outside the US embassy by about 1,000 communist supporters

Thousands of people joined an anti-war march in Paris

In Germany, peace protesters marched through the cities of Rostock and Tuebingen

Protesters in Cairo defied a ban on political rallies to condemn any war against Iraq

In Damascus, tens of thousands of people condemned US war preparations and Washington’s support for Israel

Hundreds of schoolchildren joined protesters in the Pakistani capital Islamabad to try to form a human chain to Rawalpindi, 10 kilometres (six miles) away

More than 4,000 people attended a peace concert in Tokyo – the largest of about 10 demonstrations in Japan”