The momentum builds

The momentum builds

Antiwar protests planned in 32 countries for Jan. 18

From an ANSWER email

“As of Jan. 14, demonstrations have been scheduled in at least 32 countries in solidarity with the call from the International ANSWER coalition.

International protests will target Pentagon bases, and in some cases activists will attempt to carry out inspections of the facilities for U.S. weapons of mass destruction. This is true in Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, the Philippines, South Korea and Spain.
Demonstrations will also take place in Argentina, Austria, Bahrain Britain, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland.”

Over 50 labor unions will be marching in S.F.

“The march down Market Street and to the Civic Center will include representatives of more than 50 Bay Area labor unionstwice as many as attended October’s big anti-war demonstration along the city’s main drag.”

Back in the 60’s, union members sometimes attacked antiwar marchers. How nice that is now ancient history.

17 arrested in non violent civil disobedience in L.A.

“Seventeen Los Angeles County residents were arrested Thursday at 11:00 AM outside the downtown Federal Building when they staged street theater to dramatize their opposition to a new invasion of Iraq and express their hope for a peaceful US foreign policy. Participants in the action held a mock “funeral ceremony for the casualties of war” and called on the Bush Administration to reconsider its drive for another Gulf War.”

Die-in at Federal Building in L.A. All were arrested. (Photo via LA IndyMedia)