Jan 18 peace rally

Jan 18 peace rally

ANSWER S.F. reports the upcoming peace rally this Saturday is looking to be larger than the Oct 26, 2002 rally which drew 80,000 to S.F. and 200,000 to D.C.

The three phone lines in the ANSWER L.A. office are ringing non-stop with people signing up for a chartered bus to S.F.

The mass media, all of a sudden, has started covering the peace movement. I’ve noticed this pattern before. The media will ignore or downplay a story for a while, then, once the story reaches critical mass, the media jumps in big time.

The Washington Post ran an article Monday, “Antiwar Activists From Across U.S. Preparing for Weekend of Protests”.  A few weeks back they were (deeply) downplaying the peace movement. Now they are running stories in advance of a demonstration. This is, obviously, a huge shift.

And once the media pick up on a story, they often really hype it. So, people get ready!