Los Angeles. Three protests in…

Los Angeles. Three protests in the next four days

Friday, today. INS protest and press conference. Many immigrant coalitions will be there. Los Angeles St. at Temple.

Sat, Jan 11. Mass peace rally and march downtown L.A. 11 am Olympic & Broadway. Tens of thousands expected.

Mon, Jan. 13. Let’s give Henry “War Criminal” Kissinger and Shimon Peres a rousing L.A. welcome when they speak at Universal City 6-8 pm. Meet on Lankershim by the entrance.  (PS. Lest you think I am being harsh to Mr. Kissinger, there are several countries in South America and Europe that want to question him about his various nefarious deeds).

So, much is happening in L.A. these next few days.

The final planning meeting for the peace rally was last night. Lots of logistics to work out, who will be doing what, much synchronizing of cell phones and walkie talkies, etc.

I’ll be part of the floating squad who peacefully puts out trouble before it starts and/or routes marchers around trouble spots. Trouble can be anything from deliberate provocateurs to homeless vets who think we’re anti-American to someone throwing a rock through a window.

There’s experienced people in our floating squad who have done this before at large demonstrations, and their expertise will be invaluable. I’m told we probably won’t stop moving the whole time, and may move very fast at times… Should be instructive and fun!

Among the performers and speakers will be Martin Sheen, Ron Kovic, Jerry Quickley (KPFK), Jackson Browne, Slash / Ian Ashbury / others jammin’