Britain, Turkey now oppose Iraq…

Britain, Turkey now oppose Iraq war. U.S. stands alone in wanting it. 

Britain urges US to delay war until autumn

Britain is pressing for war against Iraq to be delayed for several months, possibly until the autumn, to give weapons inspectors more time to provide clear evidence of new violations by Saddam Hussein

The exchanges < in the House of Commons> showed that the Prime Minister could face a major revolt if he went to war without UN backing.”

Turkey is balking too.

“Turkey’s Reluctance on Use of Bases Worries U.S.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 — Senior American officials said today that they were increasingly concerned that they were running out of time to persuade Turkey to permit the deployment of American ground troops in case of a war with Iraq.”

However, the U.S. WILL go to war alone

“US will attack Iraq ‘without UN backing’
America will not delay a war with Iraq until the autumn and is prepared to launch military action against Saddam Hussein without further United Nations authorisation, a senior Bush administration adviser said yesterday.

Richard Perle, chairman of the Pentagon’s Defence Policy Board and a hawk whose views carry considerable weight, rejected suggestions from British ministers and senior Foreign Office officials that plans for an early war should be put on hold.”

That’s what we’re dealing with folks. Right wing ideologues who will have their war and the rest of the world be damned.