“My SUV funds terrorism!”

“My SUV funds terrorism!”

Two professionally-done ads bashing SUV’s will be appearing on major media this weekend. 

“I need to own a huge gas-guzzling car, even if my gas consumption helps fund terrorist nations”. Great stuff! You can view the ads online (keep trying, the Real Player servers are overloaded).

Arianna Huffington conceived the idea and did the organizing.
From her newsletter:

“The anti-SUV ad campaign you helped create, which we have named The Detroit Project, is unveiling our two 30-second ads (entirely funded by your contributions) at a press conference in Los Angeles at 10am this morning. The ads are available at Also on our website will be a letter you can send to Detroit’s automakers, a form to fill out for those dumping their SUVs, and a paypal link so that we can raise more money and buy additional air time. The ads will start running on the political talk shows this Sunday in major markets around the country.”

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