Jan 18 buzz growing






Jan 18 buzz growing

ANSWER New York reports a marked shift in the organizing for upcoming Jan. 18 protest in D.C. & S.F. People who haven’t demonstrated since the 60’s are volunteering. Moms are asking if they can bring their 7 yr. olds. Those who have never been to a demonstration are calling and emailing, asking for info and how can I help.

In short, the protest is going mainstream. It’s not just the usual suspects. Moms with toddlers and Republican grandparents are joining in too.

At the last major protest on Oct. 26 (also organized by ANSWER and held in D.C. & S.F.), ANSWER says a scattering of people from small towns in the Midwest and Bible Belt came. Well, those people went back and organized. Now, instead of a few coming again, they’ve chartered buses and hundreds are coming. One notable example – on Oct 26, a woman in Florida got enough people to fill one chartered bus. This time she’s chartered 25 buses. And this story is being repeated elsewhere.

Just heard from a long lost friend in Louisville, Kentucky. She writes, “Yes, there are peace vigils, marches, seminars, prayer and meditation gatherings everywhere. Any civil violence, such as our recent lone white cop vs black handcuffed man with gun, shoots him dead, is met with organized opposition and public demands.”  Sounds like L.A.!

Sounds like everywhere, actually… Bush does not have the country on this war. Let’s send him a message.