*50,000 Pakistanis likely to be…

 50,000 Pakistanis likely to be detained under INS, some claim

From a Pakistan news source

fifty thousand Pakistanis are likely to be detained in line with the INS registration drive in the US, incurring a loss of 2.5 million dollars per month to Pakistan’s exchequer, speakers feared during a community meeting here at Pakistan’s embassy.

Speaking on the occasion, the US attorneys, who were also invited by the embassy, called upon the Pakistanis to bring $1500 with them while registering with the INS to avoid arrests.

In many cases Pakistanis have been sent to interrogation cells from airport lounges where from they were to fly to their sweet motherland. Already in various US cells, hundreds of Pakistanis are languishing without being charged.

An estimate of 50,000 arrests sounds way too high to me, however there will no doubt be many arrests of Pakistanis by the INS. Clearly, foreign media are appalled by, and watching these INS registrations closely. These registrations are being done in groups, which includes males over 16 from designated countries. Currently the INS is processing Group 2.

Plans for the L.A. demonstration on Friday, the deadline for Group 2, now includes monitors who will, if a registrant wishes, note their name, address, any relevant medical data, and someone to contact, if they are arrested.  Monitors had planned to follow registrants into the INS, but that has specifically been shot down by DoJ in D.C.

I met someone last night who was arrested for being a “self-proclaimed terrorist” (and what the heck is THAT, may I ask?). After spending several months in jail, all charges were dropped. Need I mention he is Arab?

Oh, after Group 2 is processed, comes Group 3 – males over 16 from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Their registration starts Monday, with a deadline of about a month from now.