INS mass arrests update

INS mass arrests update

Class action lawsuit filed

“The essence of the lawsuit is that on Dec. 16-18, the INS unlawfully arrested large numbers of people, especially in Los Angeles, as they came forward to voluntarily comply with new “special registration” requirements. The groups are seeking an injunction before the next registration deadline to avoid a repetition of last week’s mass arrests. Six individuals detained as a result of the new INS policy of special registrations are co-plaintiffs, and represent a broader group of victims in this class action suit.

The lawsuit takes issue with four aspects of the recent detentions:

1- The detentions were illegal because the government did not obtain the necessary arrest warrants;

2- It is unlawful and unjust to deport people who have been slated for adjustment of status and who have complied with the law at every stage;

3- Detainees are being held without bail or bond, and are subject to deportation without due process;

4- The fear of mass arrests created by these detentions will inhibit compliance by people facing similar registration deadlines in the near future.”

Group 1 men and boys, (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria) were required to register by Dec 16. When they did so, many were arrested, and the whereabouts of some of those arrested is still not known, not even to their lawyers or families.

Group 2 men and boys (Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Eritrea, Lebanon, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen) must register by Jan 10.  Here in L.A., volunteers are being trained to be with those registering when they walk into the INS.  The volunteers will be monitors in case more arrests happen.

There will almost certainly be a large demonstration going on outside as the registrations are taking place on inside.