We’re not in Kansas anymore…

We’re not in Kansas anymore…

Human clone born: Raelians

A baby has been born through cloning, French scientist and member of the Raelian sect Brigitte Boisselier told AFP.

The baby, a girl, was born Thursday by cesarean section. The birth “went very well,” said Boisselier, president of the human cloning society Clonaid, on the telephone.

As the effort by the Raelians to achieve the first human birth by cloning was carried out in the secrecy, it was not immediately possible to obtain any independent scientific confirmation that the baby was in fact a clone.”

Dolly, the sheep that was cloned, has old DNA and got arthritis sooner than expected.

“The scientists who created Dolly, the world’s first cloned mammal, said Wednesday that the 3-year-old sheep has DNA in her cells typical of a much older animal.

“How old is Dolly the sheep?” mused Dr. Stephen Jones of London’s University College. “Is she as old as her body age … or is she as old as her genes?”

So, hmm, now someone is doing this with humans?