Jan 18 mass demonstration and…

Jan 18 mass demonstration and ANSWER revealed!

ANSWER is the lead organizer for the next big antiwar rally. This one will be on Jan 18., and will be held simultaneously in D.C. & S.F., as was recent successful Oct. 26 action.  Organizing for Jan 18 has already surpassed that of Oct 26, with active organizing now going on in 43 states and 140+ cities.

And that’s just where ANSWER is organizing! They are one coalition, and many more groups and coalitions are also organizing for Jan 18.

I’m an active Green, and have also been working with ANSWER in L.A., where four coalitions, ANSWER included, are also organizing for a mass rally on Jan. 11 in downtown Los Angeles, with tens of thousands expected.

Now, ANSWER is a bit controversial because of, uh, the “lefist sectarian nature” (yeah, that’s it…) of some of their organizers. And Lordy, have I heard stories about what goes on in their meetings.

So, here it is, your worst fears realized – the agenda of a typical ANSWER meeting.

Pledge of Alliegance to Karl Marx
Join hands and sing “God Curse America”.
Mass indoctrination of the kidnapped Republican children into Socialism.
  Have we successfully infiltrated and destroyed enough other Leftie groups?
  How can we be more radical and less humorous?
  Marc Cooper: Twit or double-agent?
  How many FBI agents are here and can we spot them?
  Saddam Hussein: Saint or merely Perfect Human Being?
Close with a homage to Pol Pot.

At least that’s what some believe happens in ANSWER meetings (ditto for Not In Our Name). Not that they’ve ever actually been to a meeting of course. Well, I’ve been to many ANSWER & NION meetings. The meetings are fun, with no hidden agendas. People from many groups are involved, all working to end this war before it starts. Or should I say “wars”, as the Bushies now appear to be aching to invade North Korea.

These are coalitions. We don’t have to agree with everything all the coalition members believe. Hey, Pat Buchanan opposes the war too.  Doesn’t mean I have to agree with all his other views before deigning to work with him. Ideological litmus tests are not required.

So, find a peace group you like, and volunteer!