I finally got my new computer configured correctly, everything working, with all the important programs moved over from the old computer. That includes Radio UserLand, the software that runs this weblog, and Outlook 2002 with all the data and Rules filters intact.

The new computer is a Pentium P4 1.8 with 512 mb RAM and a screaming Western Digital 80 gb hard disk with 8 mb buffer, running XP. The handy conversion utility that comes with XP to move files to it from an old computer of course didn’t work. The old computer, Suzy would say I’m sending the files, and the new computer Joey would say I’m receiving them, but then both would say I can’t find the other computer. Thanks so much…

So, how did I get the Outlook files from Suzy to Joey? Outlook being my mail reader with dozens of folders, filters, tweaks and 65 mb of data. Here’s how (and you might want to file this away in case you ever need to do it), and it’s actually quite simple.

On both computers, open Explorer and Search for “Outlook.pst”. Note what folder it is in on both systems. Then, with Outlook closed on both systems, copy Outlook.pst from the location on the old computer to the location on the new computer. Reboot the new system (to be safe), then open Outlook on the new system. Your data from the old system should be there. At least it was on mine! You may need to tweak the Rules, pointing them to the new folders, however that’s a fast job.

It worked for me, hope it works for you!