Ah Windows

Ah Windows

I just got a new PC, and spend most of the past day networking it to the old one. Thank you Microsoft, you make things so pointlessly complicated. For a while Suzy (the old computer) could find Joey (the new one), but Joey wasn’t able to find Suzy, even though she was next to him… (Why are they named Joey & Suzy you ask? Because I named them after my cats. Awww you say, how sweet…)

Finally, after much gnashing of teeth and tweaking of obscure, geeky networking options – not to mention rebooting both systems both, oh, 500 times to test – Joey found Suzy. Then only about another hour getting Suzy to find the network printer.

Yes, I know. You MacHeads out there are feeling deeply superior by now, thinking, hey with a Mac, you just plug them together and they network themselves.


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