Week of Resistance, Jan 13-20

Week of Resistance, Jan 13-20

(From a NION email, with my revisions and additions)

Not In Our Name is joining with other groups in calling for a nationwide week of resistance starting Jan 13 and ending on MLK day. Each day will have a different theme and message. (Ok ok, it’s actually longer than one week!)

Sat., Jan. 11 – Major actions in Chicago and L.A. organized by multiple coalitions, including NION. These are warm-ups for the major simultaneous rallies in SF & DC on the 18th. (The L.A. mass rally is at 11 AM, assemble at Broadway and Olympic downtown)

Mon., Jan. 13 – Mass flyering all across the country – morning and evening rush hours and noon with all groups and organizations using their own materials.

NION encourages all to incorporate the Million Globe Campaign, which is a push to get “one million little globes, globe flags, and stickers nationally, and have them displayed all around the country in windows, on car antennas, on any surface that holds a sticker, anywhere visible.“. The globe flag is meant as a counterpoint to the American flag one oftens sees symbolizing support for the war. (Note to the rest of the planet: Here in LA, car flags flying from holders on car windows are common. It may be a Lakers flag or it may be an American flag, but we have LOTS of car flags here, so a globe flag is a great idea).

Tues., Jan. 14 – A day focused on high schools across the country – as many college campuses will not be back in session, college students are encouraged to join up with high school students to develop plans in their area.

Wed., Jan. 15 – MLK’s birthday – a demonstration is being planned by Black Voices for Peace in D.C. to demand the resignation of Trent Lott; the Iraq Pledge of Resistance has called for Nationally Coordinated Days of Action on Jan 15-18.

Thurs., Jan. 16 – A fast called for by religious leaders, also possible civil disobedience that day.

Fri.- Sun., Jan. 17-19 – ICUJP (a L.A. faith-based coalition) is considering calling on religious congregations to focus services on the legacy of MLK – perhaps integrating his Riverside speech.

Sat. Jan. 18ANSWER rally in DC and San Francisco. Possible candlelight vigil in DC called for by United for Peace after the rally.

Mon., Jan. 20 -MLK Day. Black Voices for Peace conference and workshops in D.C. and call for decentralized actions across the country. Possible call for mass CD (either Sun 19 or Mon 20) in D.C. Anti-globalization forces may be planning direct action in DC that day. NION and ANSWER participation in MLK Day parades.

This week could involve actions that point toward the kind of ‘no business as usual’ approach that will be called for to really have an impact on the war-makers’s plans. Perhaps it could culminate in actions at the same time and on the same day across the country – one hour when people stop their ‘normal’ business, when students gather at a particular spot on campuses for debate and expressions of outrage at the looming war, when workers gather in their cafeterias or union halls, when clergy of different faiths speak out against this unjust immoral war with one voice.

L.A. NION: lanotinourname@hotmail.com 310 980-5708. Next meeting Wed. Dec. 18, 6:30 p.m. Peace Center 8124 W. 3rd.