Trent’s friends

Trent’s friends

From the always excellent DailyKos comes info about the borderline white supremacist group Trent Lott is affliated with.

What Lott stands for; “blackmailing” Bush.

Everyone should pay a visit to the website of the Council of Conservative Citizens. These are the people whose values Lott applauds. And they have responded forcefully in his defense:

It’s not been a good week for freedom of speech or white people in post-American America.  Senator Trent Lott (R-Miss) became the latest evil white  to be persecuted for his original sin of being born white and for having some consciousness of this fact. It seemed that all the knee jerk left wing yahoos  in the country opened their slack jaws to drool that Lott is a racist.  Then, some of the similarly mentally challenged and racially neutered conservative yahoos opened their yaps to say Lott isn’t a racist.  But, of course, these conservatives quickly added that they condemn racism and that some of their best friends are black.

There’s more. Lots more, but I couldn’t stand to read any more of it.

And after you visit that CofCC site, remember once again that Senate Republicans plan on keeping him as their leader.