Waiter, the corn with industrial…

Waiter, the corn with industrial adhesive please, hold the AIDs drug!

the following is from Vegan Blog

Before You Eat That Corn Chex, Corn Bread, or Corn on the Cob….

The bright side is that you’re getting treated with some potentially expensive drugs for free! Unfortunately, you probably didn’t need AIDS vaccine right now, your blood clotted up, or industrial adhesive in your body…(sigh) it’s a mad, mad, mad world out there people…

US Won’t Say Which Pharmaceutical GM Crop Escaped from Prodigene Corporation

The United States food chain has been contaminated by Genetically Modified (GM) maize plants used to produce a pharmaceutical or industrial chemical but US authorities are unwilling as of today to disclose what the mysterious GM Pharmaceutical maize is that was found for the first time among food crops in two US States (Iowa and Nebraska).

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Tuesday Nov. 12 that it quarantined over $2.7 million worth of soya beans (500,000 tonnes) destined for human consumption at a Nebraska grain elevator after finding parts of ProdiGene’s GM maize mixed with the soya beans. They later ordered their destruction.

Research into the company involved, Prodigene, reveals that the contamination could be one of the following :

* AIDS vaccine gp120 — a glycoprotein

* Blood-clotting agent — Aprotinin

* Trypsin – Digestive enzyme that can be used in leather tanning or to produce insulin.

* Industrial adhesive Laccase — an enzyme derived from a fungus

Once you start genetically engineering drugs and chemicals into crop plants then you really are opening Pandora’s box. The consequences could be catastrophic, said Adrian Bebb of GM Campaigner at Friends of the Earth.