Dumbest Ad of the Year…

Dumbest Ad of the Year Award

The award for most brain dead ad of the year goes to … United Airlines, who, this the day after filing bankruptcy, is running full page newspaers ads sunnily announcing this bankruptcy thing is, in reality – hold on now – A NEW BEGINNING! Wow, I am SO relieved to learn that bankruptcy is such a non-event.

The ad, titled, “Chapter 11”, had the second “1” scribbled out, so it reads “Chapter 1”! Get it? Clever, huh? 

The ad concludes with “When you step on-board a United plane, you will feel the difference. You will feel the new energy and new optimism. You will feel the new beginning”. Right, I’m sure the pilots and attendants on the flights are just thrilled to know they may not have jobs soon.

However, while some may decry the cock-eyed optimism of this ad and instead ask for a pound of whatever it is they’re smoking, we here at Polizeros feel inpired by the ad – inspired to not fly United next time, as a management this clueless can’t possibly pull the company out of their death spiral.