Mayberry Machiavellis: The saga continues.

Mayberry Machiavellis: The saga continues.

Ah, ’tis your typical DC story.

Boy is Jesus freak and loves governor. Boy helps governor get elected president. Boy works for the president. Boy quits in disgust. Boy vents to a reporter, calling his former employers “Mayberry Machiavellis”. White House snaps its fingers. Kneecaps are broken. Boy recants and issues bizarre apology.

Ahh, but unlike the spineless rags that abdicate their journalistic responsibilities, Esquire (who is running this story) has no interest in backing down in the face of White House pressure. And this is where the story gets interesting.

“The Bushies were not amused and strongarmed an “apology” from DiIulio — an apology, curiously, issued not by him, but by his employer — the University of Pennsylvania. (The conspiracy theorists will have a field day with this one…)

Lots more too, from the always excellent Daily Kos.