L.A. peace news

L.A. peace news

Four major Los Angeles peace coalitions have come together and are working jointly on two major upcoming peace events. They are equally sharing responsibility and planning. This is very good news.

The events are:

Sat Dec 14, 7 PM,  Peace Vigil, Hollywood & Highland.

Sat Jan 11, 11 AM, Mass Rally and March,meet at Olympic and Broadway downtown.

Given that four coalitions will be organizing nonstop for both events, and given the growing numbers of people opposed to the coming war, I expect the peace vigil will draw several thousand people and the rally to be tens of thousands.

The vigil will be on the sidewalks at Hollywood & Highland, deliberately at the peak of Xmas shopping, and should draw major media attention. Bring candles, costumes, banners, etc.

The rally, one of many rallies across the nation that day, is one week before the huge DC & SF rallies on the weekend on Jan 17-18. It will have two feeder marches, one of students, the other of unions, joining it just prior to the mass march to the downtown federal building. There will be music and speakers at all locations during the day.

So, if you live in LA, find a coalition you like and help them organize and get the word out!