Further proof the Stones are…

Further proof the Stones are getting clueless

Bill Wyman vs Bill Wyman.

Bill Wyman, an editor for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, must stop using his name, says Bill Wyman, formerly a musician for a British rock band called the Rolling Stones. The bassist’s lawyers sent editor Wyman a cease-and-desist letter, stating that if the editor could prove his legal name was Bill Wyman, he would be allowed to use it in his articles only if he included a “prominent disclaimer.” The best part is that Bill Wyman, editor, was born with his name 41 years ago, while Bill Wyman, bassist, changed his name from William George Perks 39 years ago. [Boing Boing Blog]

Just before their current tour, Keith Richard nearly refusing to join because Mick Jagger had been knighted and thus had sold out. Had the tour not been sponsored by eTrade, this might be credible…

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