Computer privacy, some tools to…

Computer privacy, some tools to use

The drive to kill all privacy in financial dealings and communications is nearing a conclusion. The control freaks are winning, and your privacy is just about gone.

But, if you’re reading this, you already knew that.

Here’s some useful, free cryptography products and privacy tools. I’ll spare you the geek-laden technical details.

Effortless unbreakable encryption for email. Yes, unbreakable. Trust me. Download it
here or here.

Steganography hides files inside JPG’s with no visible change to the JPG. If they don’t know it’s encrypted, they can’t try to break it. A good version for Windows is Camera Shy

Many useful links. Plus a handy email address,, to use when a website wants your email address and you think they will spam you. Email to this address returns a message saying, in effect, “The person who used this email address thought you might spam them and you did”. 

And for the serious propeller heads and/or paranoids out there;

The CypherPunks Remailer
Say I want to send email to someone with no possibility it can traced back to me. Use a remailer. Remailers forward email from you to other remailers then to the final destination, with different encryption each step.

So, if my message to you gets chained through remailers A, B, C, and D, before going to you, there’s no way remailer D knows about remailer B, much less you or anyone else knowing about me. Again, trust me on this. The cypherpunks have been working on this stuff for at least a decade.