L.A. has 16 homicides in…

L.A. has 16 homicides in 6 days

There’s a gang war going on, several gang wars actually. The homicide rate in L.A. is climbing while in other big cities, it is dropping.

And what does our brand new police chief, who has been here about a month say?

I’m very disturbed and angry,” he said in an interview. “I need this city angry about gangbangers shaping the perception of Los Angeles.”

Bratton described many of the city’s violent criminals as “mental nitwits who don’t have the same value systems as you and I.”

Thanks for sharing that. We are deeply grateful for an L.A. newbie wagging his finger at us and telling us to get angry. We, of course, have never done that before. What a novel idea. And name calling at gangbangers is certainly a proven crime fighting technique. Truly, we are lummoxes for not having thought of these ideas before.

Our new chief appears to be a grandstanding publicity-hungry loudmouth. One wonders if he will actually accomplish anything useful, as he steps into the LAPD maw that has swallowed many and mangled more than a few.