Al Qaeda may attack Internet,…

Al Qaeda may attack Internet, stock exchanges

Bakri, spokesman for Osama bin Laden’s International Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders, said all types of technology, including the Internet, are being studied for use against the West.  “In a matter of time you will see attacks on the stock market,” he said, referring specifically to the markets in New York, London and Tokyo.

His comments represent the first time that a high-profile radical Muslim cleric with known links to bin Laden has spoken publicly about the use of cybertactics for offensive purposes.

<US experts> warned of potentially dire consequences for any nation that knowingly allows such an attack to be launched from systems and networks within its borders. “Any country that allows its territory to be used for a massive Internet attack on the U.S. may want to think twice of the likely consequences,” he said.  <Hmmm, internet attacks can be launched from anywhere with vulnerable sites being used as staging areas. Just because an attack comes from servers in a country doesn’t mean that’s where it originated from>

One hacker who goes by the handle “Melhacker” is thought to be responsible for the Nedal worm (“Laden” spelled backwards). Analysis of the worm conducted by iDefense found that it contained encrypted code and numerous Muslim names whose significance is unclear, as well as at least one and possibly two references to al-Qaeda.

Melhacker is also reportedly working on a new mega-worm that has been referred to as a “3-in-one.” <combining> features of SirCam, Klez and Nimda and will be named Scezda. <This is NOT good news>