The UnGoogleables [1].

The UnGoogleables.

For those deep geek types among us who enjoy Googling.

“A few days ago, I posted the question: What do you call people who don’t show up on a Google search? I.E. what’s the name for the category of person who doesn’t generate even a single page hit?…”

I vote for the proposed “ungoogleables.”

“The point being, you have to avoid doing and being an awful lot of things to stay off of Google. Though the number of North Americans who don’t appear on Google is probably still quite big, it’s diminishing every day.

Will there be people who try as hard as possible not to be Googleable?… [The Shifted Librarian]

Ah, but this conversation misses a huge category of the unGoogleables. People like me with common names, Google “Bob Morris” and you will discover great multitudes of us. In fact, I am not listed in first few pages (sob). So, there’s no way to accurately Google me, as there are too many of me.

Does that make me antiUnGoogleable, and thus, UnGoogleable?