Leftie about to win election…

Leftie about to win election in Ecuador
Ecuador will hold elections this Sunday and Narco News, yet again, is alone in reporting important news.

The latest poll shows that Colonel Lucio Gutiérrez, opponent of Plan Colombia, the surprise candidate (you heard it here first) supported by the poor, the indigenous and the workers, leads banana mogul Alvaro Noboa – the richest man in Ecuador, according to the Forbes list – by a margin of 56% to 20%… but nary a word in the United States “press,” and, frankly, the Commercial Media in Ecuador seems to be boycotting serious coverage of their country’s presidential election as well… There’s almost no news being reported.
Well, kind readers, in fact there is plenty of news… And Gómez is on the scene, and will report to you the countdown to election day next Sunday, and he’ll count the votes as well… While the corrupted NY Times correspondent Juan Forero tries to destabilize Venezuela while reporting from Peru… Ԛ¡Pendejo!… Once again, the corrupted big boys miss the story while the little website that could puts our pedal to the metal and gets to work!