Scotland Yard thwart Al-Qaeda attack…

Scotland Yard thwart Al-Qaeda attack on London underground

A plot to release cyanide gas on London underground rail system has been foiled by Scotland Yard following the recent arrest of six North African men believed to have links to Osama Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network.

UPDATE Brits deny poison gas story

And here I thought I was being too cynical when I was privately skeptical of the story…

 The British government played down reports Sunday of a planned cyanide gas attack on London’s Underground rail system after three men were arrested under anti-terror legislation.

But Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott said there was no evidence that bombs or poison gas were involved.

“It’s excited the press. I’ll leave them to sell their newspapers,” he told BBC Television. “It doesn’t appear that there’s any evidence whatsoever there was going to be a gas attack or indeed use of bombs regarding the three people who’ve been arrested.”