Shin Bet Chief: “Terror Wave by Radical Jews” Underway

Top Israeli intelligence chief told the Israeli government “security cabinet” that a group of Jewish radicals “who don’t listen to rabbis” are planning terror attacks against Palestinian targets.

What have I Done! – A Hundred Soldiers Treated for ‘Intifada Syndrome’

“The soldiers burst out crying and accuse themselves of mistreating Palestinians and humiliating them. Now, after being discharged, the vision of what they had done is playing itself in their minds like a non-stop film. Suddenly the soldier, the tough fighter who had been nicknamed ‘Rambo’, goes to <military rehab in> India. There he experiences another reality, a quiet and peaceful situation. When he comes back he realizes what he had done. He tries to escape from reality, to escape into drugs, and his life becomes a ruin” says one of the doctors.

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