International Answer & NION

International Answer & NION

I went to an organizing meeting for LA Answer last night, Answer being the organizers of the recent large and successful Oct 26 antiwar protests in DC and SF.

international Answer

They are well-organized and hard-working, with the leaders being older and maybe a bit more seasoned than in Not In Our Name (NION), the other major antiwar umbrella group. NION, who I also volunteer for and respect, is just getting established in LA while Answer has been here three years.

During the meeting we pasted stamps on 4,000 letters going out to LA supporters (and possible supporters), part of a much larger nationwide mailing. They are a nonprofit so we used the ultra-inexpensive non-profit organization stamps.

Ah you say, but isn’t Answer, like NION, linked to a Communist Party? Some are, however the national board has representatives from many groups and this local group, like NION, appears to genuinely accept and encourage anyone who wants to join and help. The roots of some members is a non-issue, in my opinion.

Not In Our Name

These two groups are tireless and are doing good work. Answer plans a major peace rally in LA on Jan 11, place to be determined, this being the week before the expected-to-be-huge rally in DC on Jan 18-19. Plus their new site, intends to get one million signers on the petition for the DC rally.

NION plans to get one million globe posters (their symbol) and car flags out in the near future, and are actively organizing at high schools and colleges, with more national events being planned. 

After being at meetings for both groups, I find concerns about their roots to be irrelevant. Both groups have lots of dedicated people organizing hard to stop the war. Those inclined should have no hesitation about joining in.