Bye bye Valley secession, hello…

Bye bye Valley secession, hello California secession

Spotted by alert reader, Becky.

East of California, the U.S. is moving in the wrong direction–towards preemptive war, attacks on reproductive freedom, massive deficits, restrictions of civil liberties, environmental rollbacks and free reign for corrupt corporations.

One state stands alone. California resisted the rightwing zeitgeist which swept the rest of the nation and elected a straight democratic ticket, affirming the state’s committment to the environment, a woman’s right to choose, equal rights under the law, and world peace.

We’re succeeding so we’re seceding. Don’t move to Canada. Move to the United State of California. A new nation dedicated to preserving the American way of life.

One possible glitch. northern California has about as much use for southern California as god-fearing Christians do for the Church of Satan. Seems they’re honked off at us (especially at LA) for, among other sins, being a boisterous ill-behaved behemoth that steals their water and sends people escaping from LA to their peaceful burb where they turn it into another LA.

So I’m afeared a United States of California would almost irreversibly led to immediate civil war, as the renegades to the north would attempt to secede and steal their water back.

Hmm, still might be fun though, and we do have 18% of the population of the country, huge farmland, major industry, and thus could easily be self-sufficient. Heck, why not!