What’s up for California

What’s up for California

Given California remained solidly Democratic in the election and is a comparative bastion of liberalism, I expect Republican oppo-research will do whatever they can to get Gray Davis on campaign finance corruption.

Not that this will be difficult. Green candidate Peter Camejo stated publicly a Democratic insider told him, “If I was wired, Davis would be in prison”, a sentiment I’ve heard echoed from plenty of moderate Democrats too. For Camejo to state this publicly is, I think, extraordinary. He must be rather sure of his sources and facts. To not expect the Karl Rove’s to go after Davis on corruption is to strain credulity.

California is just now facing a humuguous budget shortfall of 10-20 billion. Things could and probably will get ugly quickly. Not good for incumbents. Not good for the state. No one knows where the money will come from, and huge cuts in everyone’s favorite programs are forthcoming.

Meanwhile, LA County is closing major hospitals because it can’t afford to keep them open. Thisis not a ploy or a trick – even liberal Gloria Molina of the County Board of Supervisors voted to close hospitals saying we just don’t have the money.

Clinton dumped money into California, Bush is doing the opposite. There will be no generous bailouts to California from DC while Emperor Shrub is in office.

And, oh yeah, El Nino is getting stronger than originally predicted. Hang on for a roller coaster ride, California!