A peacenik day

A peacenik day

The peace movement is building. This afternoon I went to a peace vigil in LA, beginning at the federal building in Westwood, then a candlelight walk to a Methodist church for a short rally. 

Several hundred people were there, plus, surprisingly, six TV vans and a couple of helicopters filming the procession. This is distinctly more media coverage than even a few weeks ago. Methinks mainstream media is starting to see that something really is happening.

This event was co-sponsored by Physicians for Social Responsibility and (deep breath now in preparation for a long clumsy name), Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace (ICUJP), a new umbrella group of 80+ mainly faith-based organizations.

Earlier, I was at The Onion, a Unitarian Universalist (UU) church for their Sunday service featuring speakers from Not In Our Name. NION was enthusiastically received by this hardcore activist congregation. Later during discussion with NION, church members decided to draft a resolution in opposition to an Iraq War to present to the national UU council to vote on. Plus they plan outreach to other congregations and faiths.

This very same UU church, in 1982, drafted a resolution against nuclear weapons, which got endorsed by UU national, and then spread nationwide. Yes, this little church was a primary instigator for what turned into a national movement.

From litle acorns, mighty oaks grow…!