You’ve heard of warblogs – those blogs that INSIST we need to go to war right now.

Well, now’s there’s Warbot. Enter a name in their handy control panel, then click “Detect liberal bias”.

Warbot will then spit out customized warbot rantings and post them as an entry! I entered “Ted Kennedy”, and Warbot posted

Ted Kennedy and mendacity

In the mind of Ted Kennedy, it’s always Prime Minister Blair’s fault.  Al Gore’s rationalizing was wretched. It was hollow. It was low. But I understate.

There’s no room in the camp of the putrescent Left for our confident opportunity. The partisan insouciance of the bigots and their vile liberal elite is anti-war.

Shockingly, to be one of the bloviating Left is to mislead and shroud in a smokescreen.  We must lead unique courage.

To oppose common sense prosperity is to hate America

Sounds like FoxNews, doesn’t it…