Let’s bash The Borg!

Let’s bash The Borg!

Two Evil Empires join!

Microsoft and Disney release combined Internet service. Please explain why having Donald Duck on my ISP a compelling reason to use that ISP?  Seems Goofy to me. Truly a Mickey Mouse idea.

Living without Microsoft

Go ahead, you can do it!.

This site is designed to help anyone who — for whatever reason — wishes to explore the possibility of living without Microsoft software. We aim to build a resource which will be informative, impartial and accessible to non-techies.”

It’s Linux for IBM supercomputer project

Linux will be the main operating system for IBM’s upcoming family of “Blue Gene” supercomputers–a major endorsement for the operating system and the open-source computing model it represents.

Blue Gene/L, the first member of the family, will contain 65,000 processors and 16 trillion bytes of memory. Due in 2004 or 2005, the system will be able to perform 200 trillion calculations per second. <I want one!>

This is a huge win for Linux and Open Source.